Fred Sinden Triples on 04/10/2023: - click here to view the draw
Venue Winners:
Sundon Park Social Club:Stone Jug A - A. Corbett, S. Stansbury, D. Payne
Flitwick Club:Flitwick Club C: D. Hellewell, L. Wintle, G. Pearson, R. Leather
Wingfielc Club:Barton Rovers Dog: P. Horton, C. Short, J. Horton
Wootton Blue Cross:Wingfield Club A: M. Dolan, F. Pratt, D. Smith, M. Foskett

Doubles Competition on 29/11/2023: - click here to view the draw
Venue Winners:
Barton Rovers:M. Dolan, J. Brennan
J. Pearson, H, Davis
Waggon & Horses:F. Sherwood, N. Sherwood
R. Denman, A. Goddard
Wingfielc Club:H. Stringer, P. O'Grady
S. Sheran, R. Bruce
Wingfielc Club:J. Owen, S. Fraser
R. Leather, D. Hellewell

Ian Wilson's Mixed Doubles on 20/12/2023: - click here to view the draw
Venue Winners:
Flitwick Club:A. O'Mahoney & S. Williams
H. Stringer & S. Colins

Bobby Paul's 3-2-1 Competition on 28/02/2024: - click here to view the draw
Venue Winners:
Marston Club:A. Race, S. Stimpson, J. Green, O. Beaney - Sundon Park Social Club
K. Stringer, D. Hollins, J. Thomas, D. Thomas - Stewartby Social
Sundon Park Social Club:M. Greenwood, K. Marriott, N. Neale, R. Green - Sundon Park Social Club
R. Denman, A. Goddard, J. Russ, L. Grillo - Wingfield Flyers

Division 1 & 2 Singles & Ladies Singles Competition - Location: Stewartby Club on 03/04/2024: - click here to download the entry form

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